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If it is ceramics or fine china you are after, the world renowned Noritake company which originated in Nagoya offers an incredible selection of beautiful tableware and more to choose from.

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What is Nagoya Food?


Hitsumabushi is a local dish in which eel is grilled and soaked in a special sauce then served on rice. Hitsumabushi is traditionally eaten in three stages: First, mix the grilled eel and rice and eat. Second, add some of the condiments provided, usually spices, green onions and dried seaweed. Third, add the provided broth which adds a nice rich flavor.

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The Me~guru One Day Sightseeing Route Bus Pass

Visit all of Nagoya’s sights and get discounted admission to listed attractions. Tickets can be purchased aboard the Me~guru bus and at the Sakae and Kanayama Tourist Information Centers


Subway & Bus One-Day Passes

Weekday bus and subway passes are ¥850. On weekends the “Donichi Eco Kippu” pass is ¥600. The pass also allows you to use the Me~guru Bus. You can buy these passes at any subway station ticket machine, aboard city buses and also at the Sakae and Kanayama Tourist Information Centers.


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